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Time to Start on Your Holiday Knitting!

15 Oct

I Know it might sound early, but the Holidays will be here before you know it! No need to panick just yet, but it’s probably time to get started if you haven’t yet.

I have just started myself, I won’t share what I have done or what I am working on as I want to keep it a surprise for the recipients, but I’m getting organised.

If you are short of ideas or are looking for some quick things to knit, here are some of my designs that you could use:

The Snowflake Cup Cozy is a very quick knit, perfect for the last minute or if you are short of time


The Toastie Slippers are also very fast to knit and perfect for the winter

Grow With Me Beanie will fit any child’s head, very practical if you want to knit for a child but are not sure of what size s/he needs

Or, if you are knitting for a child, you could always knit a toy, such as Fridolin the Bunny

From experience, I can say that knitted socks are usually very popular, why not try my Blois Socks?

Shawls are also favourites for elderly women relatives, I’m partial to Mela, embrace the asymmetry! The advantage of this one is that you can use any yarn and any gauge so it’s great to use stash yarn.

These are only a few ideas, there are many more things that you can knit for holiday presents, I hope it got you thinking 🙂


A Girly Baby Set

18 Dec

I just finished knitting a baby set for the upcoming birth of a friend’s baby girl. I was originally going to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket only, but I had quite a bit of leftover yarn. So, I first knit a pair of Becky’s Baby Booties. I still had quite a bit left and knit a Brick Hat with it. I had to play around with the colour arrangement as I didn’t have enough of the natural colour left.

Here are some pictures, the jacket is still missing buttons, I ordered some super cute buttons, but they have not arrived yet. The hat is too big on the doll model though…

Another Spaceman Nicolino for Nicolas

26 Nov

Last year, I gave the prototype I knit for my Spaceman Nicolino to Nicolas, who gave his name to this pattern. He was a newborn then. His mum liked it so much that she asked if I could knit him one for this winter as the first one is way too small now. So, here it is, modeled by my 6-year old (hopefully it won’t be too big for Nicolas).

Scarf & Mitts Set

24 Nov

I finished this set recently for a present. Two garter stitch-based patterns which go well together.

The scarf is “My Garter Slipped Scarf” and the fingerless mitts are the “Garter Stitch Mitts”.

The yarn is Melinda by Woll Butt.

More Yuletide Knitting

23 Oct

I’m trying to get organised with all the things I want to knit for XMas presents so I’m starting early.

Today, I made three bracelets for Connor’s teachers using Noro Daria yarn. I’m really happy about how they turned out and they only took me about 15 mins each!

Cowboy Booties Modeled

24 Jun

I created my Cowboy Booties pattern for a Texan friend of mine who was expecting a baby girl. Yesterday, I finally got to see pictures of the booties modeled by their intended recipient, lovely Miss Avery 😀

Presents for Teachers

13 Jun

The boys are finishing their French preschool classes for the summer on Wednesday, so I made a few presents for their lovely teachers.

For Logan’s teacher, Laetitia, I made two Ballband Dishcloths in reversed colours. For Connor’s teacher Miluschka and her young daughter Magdalena, I made a Circle Dishcloth and a crocheted Teeny Tiny Crab with the same yarn.

Hope they like it!

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