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Flat Feet

29 Dec

This is my latest sock yarn acquisition, a “skein” of Flat Feet. I love the concept, you knit straight from the knit fabric, which unravels as you knit, therefore avoiding having a ball rolling, etc… We will see what I actually think of it once I start using it. 😉

Here’s a pic, it’s a nice colourway:


Knee-High Socks

29 Dec

I finished my first pair ever of knee-high socks!

These will be part of a new pattern, with a simple toe-up knee-high sock pattern with heel flap and gusset. I will add three variations to the pattern, including this stripy version, a cable version I’m working on and a still undecided third variation.

Here are a few pictures of the finished pair.

One Sock

24 Dec

I’m working on a new pattern, which will be for knee-high socks with a basic “recipe” for 3 women sizes and different options. This is the stripy option. I have finished one sock and am now working on the second one. The second option will include cables and the third one might have colourwork, not too sure yet. They are knit toe-up and include a gusset and heel flap.

I’m making these in 2 different colourways of Zauberball Crazy. I love the Zauberball! 🙂

A Quick Hat

23 Dec

A few days ago I knit a Petra Hat. It was a very quick knit, it only took a few hours. The yarn is a felting yarn that I originally bought for something else, Filzwolle color by Rellana.

A Girly Baby Set

18 Dec

I just finished knitting a baby set for the upcoming birth of a friend’s baby girl. I was originally going to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket only, but I had quite a bit of leftover yarn. So, I first knit a pair of Becky’s Baby Booties. I still had quite a bit left and knit a Brick Hat with it. I had to play around with the colour arrangement as I didn’t have enough of the natural colour left.

Here are some pictures, the jacket is still missing buttons, I ordered some super cute buttons, but they have not arrived yet. The hat is too big on the doll model though…

Back In The Saddle :D

9 Dec

On day 5 after surgery, I managed to resume knitting! I couldn’t be happier. OK, I’m only knitting for short periods at a time and only did it once a day so far, but that’s a start.

3 Days Post-Op

5 Dec

Yours truly 3 days after surgery…

The grey thingy – whatever that is called – is what I have to wear day & night for 3 weeks, the blue stuff is my “cryo cuff” that I have to use 5x/day to cool my shoulder.

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