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Simple Toe-up Knee High Socks for Me

7 Dec

I have been waiting for a little while now for some yarn to arrive so I can get started knitting a secret project so I didn’t want to start anything big or difficult. So, always having a huge stash of sock yarn available, I decided to knit myself a pair of knee-high socks for the cold days. I’m using some Regia Harmony Color. The socks are toe-up with gusset and heel flap and I’m knitting them two at once.

I have just finished the heel on both of them and this is what they look like right now. It’s nice to be able to knit something for myself for a change 😉

Also, you might notice on the picture, I’m using square needles. That’s right, square! This is the first time that I’m using my new Kollage square needle. I have carpal tunnel in one hand still (the first hand was operated about 6 months ago) and I wanted to try those as square needles are supposed to be gentler on the hands. So far, it seems like I’m getting less symptoms when I knit with them so, yay!


2 Very Bright Projects in Progress

3 Feb

A little status update from my ASJ, I’m getting there, slowly…

And, yesterday, I started a very simple crochet shawl to use up all my leftover sock yarn:

An Adult Surprise Jacket

24 Jan

After knitting several Baby Surprise Jackets (also known as BSJ), the famous pattern by legendary knitter Elizabeth Zimmermann, I decided to knit an adult version for myself, the Adult Surprise Jacket (ASJ).

Here’s my latest BSJ, obviously for a baby girl:

I found a great deal on a box of 20 skeins of different colours of the same yarn, which I decided to use for my ASJ:

And, here’s my progress so far, bright!!!

Alpsee In Use

19 Nov

A little while ago I posted about some beautiful new Tausendschön Sock Yarn I’d just got. Well, I just found some use for the Alpsee colour! Unfortunately I can’t share pictures as I’m knitting socks that I tested for a fellow designer a while back. These socks are due for publication and no pictures can be shared before they are published. Instead, you get a glimpse at the ball of yarn 😉

My First Icelandic Project!

25 Oct

And it’s almost finished!

Well, I finished the knitting according to the pattern, but I want to add short sleeves to stop the rolling and the length is a bit short, so I’ll be adding some length too.

Here are a couple of pictures, I love it!

Works In Progress

21 Oct

While my Ederra set is being tested, I’m working on two projects.

The first one is a boy-ish scarf for my 15-year old cousin Valentin who lost his mum a few days ago. I’m hoping the woolly goodness will make him feel at least a teeny-tiny bit better… It’s the One Row Handspun Scarf. I like how it’s coming along, I think he’ll like it.

The second project I’m really excited about. This one is for ME! It’s an icelandic vest, which I’m knitting in Lopi yarn. The yarn is yummy and I’m really excited to get started on the colour part. But, it’s knit bottom-up, so it’ll be a little while until I can get there. I only started last night, so there’s not much to it yet. The main colour is a dark green and I’ll also be using a light green, a dark red and a natural colour for the colourwork. The pattern is LĂ©tt Lopi Vest and I’m using the suggested LĂ©tt Lopi Icelandic yarn.

Working on a Baby Blanket

16 Jun

I’m crocheting a baby blanket for a birth present. One of my friends is expecting a baby boy very soon. The pattern is Bright Baby Blanket, a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.

I’m using Bernat Baby Jacquards, “I’m a big boy” colourway.

It’s a pretty simple pattern, basically a giant granny square!

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