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Yumminess Overload!

15 Aug

Today, I received a skein of Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace yarn that I had purchased from a fellow Ravelry member. The colourway is Sea Monster. It really is a gorgeous, soft yarn, judge by yourselves!

I already have a few ideas about what to do with it…


Coffee and Tea Dyed Yarn

10 Jan

Yesterday I decided to dye a blank skein of sock yarn I’d had lying around for a little while. It was gifted to me for my birthday last summer, together with a lovely bag made of Lavazza beans bags, the exact same beans that I use at home. As soon as I got the yarn, I decided to dye it with coffee, it just seemed appropriate.

Step 1 – Soak the skein in a warm water/vinegar mix

Step 2 – Prepare the dye; coffee

Step 3 – Drain the water out of the yarn and apply the dye

Step 4 – Cook the lot
I used the microwave and cooked on high for 3 mins, let it stand in the microwave for 2 mins then turned the skein and repeated the process on the other side, to be sure that the colouring would be even

Step 5 – Rinse thoroughly and dry

Step 6 – Admire the end product once it’s dry

When I saw the dried yarn, I decided to add some contrast by dyeing one half of the skein with tea. So, here goes

Step 7 – Soak half the skein in a warm water/vinegar mix

Step 8 – Prepare the dye; tea

Step 9 – Drain the water out of the yarn and apply the dye

Step 10 – Cook the lot

I did exactly the same as for the coffee dye

Step 11 – Rinse thoroughly and dry

Step 12 – Admire the end product once it’s dry

The skein ready for use

Schoppel Sock Yarn

8 Jan

I just got three new skeins of Schoppel sock yarn, one Zauberball, one of the new Fliegende Untertasse and a skein of Admiral R Druck. They are all lovely and I can’t wait to get knitting with them!

Flat Feet

29 Dec

This is my latest sock yarn acquisition, a “skein” of Flat Feet. I love the concept, you knit straight from the knit fabric, which unravels as you knit, therefore avoiding having a ball rolling, etc… We will see what I actually think of it once I start using it. 😉

Here’s a pic, it’s a nice colourway:

Look At What Just Arrived!

16 Nov

Now, what to do with it… 😉

New Sock Yarn

30 Sep

Once more I indulged in my sock yarn obsession! 😉
I just received two beautiful skeins of Tausendschön sock yarn, the blue-green shade is “Alpsee” and the brown-pinkish one “Kirsch-Praline”. They are gorgeous! Now, to find what to do with them…
These skeins are part of the “Unikat des Monats” Abo. This is a subscription for the month’s unique colour.

Look at What Just Arrived!

10 May

A couple of Zauberball. I will be knitting an Agate Capelet with them. It’s a commission for a friend. She saw my capelet and begged me to make her one. How can I resist flattery! 😉

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