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New Pattern: 2-in-1 Easy Swaddler

29 Mar

My easy swaddler is now published. Thanks to one of my testers, I even have a picture “in action” 🙂

When my boys were babies, I tried using swaddling blankets, but they just wouldn’t stay on. So, I bought a couple of specially shaped swaddling blankets, which inspired me to design this pattern. The idea of the pattern is to be able to use the item when the baby doesn’t need swaddling anymore. So, it’s in two pieces; one independent sleeping bag, onto which the “wings” attach to create an easy swaddling blanket.

Pattern costs $4.00

More details on the pattern are available on Ravelry:

Pattern in 1 size: Newborn to approximately 6 months


New Pattern: Agate Capelet

25 Mar

I just published my new capelet pattern, Agate.

It is made out of two different colour-ways of sock yarn. I designed it specifically with the Zauberball in mind, but any sock yarn with long colour repeats will have the same effect. Of course, you can also use two plain colours. It is named after the stone agate. A geologist pointed out to me that it looked like an agate, so Agate it had to be.

Here are a few pictures, including an agate, so you can see the likeness.

Pattern costs $1.99

The Agate Capelet is also part of The Shawl Collection.

More details on the pattern are available on Ravelry:

Pattern in 2 sizes: Women S/M – Women L/XL

Textured Socks Up for Testing

22 Mar

A quick edit, these are now published, details here.

I just finished writing the pattern for these socks, I still haven’t found an appropriate name so, for now, they will go by “Textured Socks”.

They do not require any fair-isle, the colour-work is achieved by slipped stitches.

If you are interested in testing this pattern, check here.

AllĂ©gro Ponchette is Finished

15 Mar

… but still needs blocking.
Lovely project and the Zauberball works really well with this pattern!

My First Longies

15 Mar

So, after all these years of knitting, I still had to knit longies. These are not finished yet, but pretty advanced now. They will be for a friend’s baby boy to be born in the summer. I’m making them in a 100% bamboo yarn, that should be appropriate for the summer weather.

Allégro Ponchette

11 Mar

This is a test knit I’m doing for the designer. I’m almost done, the pattern will really emerge once the poncho is blocked. I’m loving the Zauberball colours!

Project Yarnway – March Challenge

8 Mar

I already made my Tee Rose hat for this challenge but thought it might not be innovative enough for the challenge. So, now I’m working on a bag, still using T-shirt material, but mixed with video tape. It gives the fabric and interesting effect. I’m planning on some unusual “embellishment” on it. Wait and see…

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