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Boy-ish Scarf Finished

31 Oct

I finished the scarf I was knitting for my 15-year old cousin Valentin. Here it is modeled by my 5-year old – obviously too big for him!


My First Icelandic Project!

25 Oct

And it’s almost finished!

Well, I finished the knitting according to the pattern, but I want to add short sleeves to stop the rolling and the length is a bit short, so I’ll be adding some length too.

Here are a couple of pictures, I love it!

More Yuletide Knitting

23 Oct

I’m trying to get organised with all the things I want to knit for XMas presents so I’m starting early.

Today, I made three bracelets for Connor’s teachers using Noro Daria yarn. I’m really happy about how they turned out and they only took me about 15 mins each!

Works In Progress

21 Oct

While my Ederra set is being tested, I’m working on two projects.

The first one is a boy-ish scarf for my 15-year old cousin Valentin who lost his mum a few days ago. I’m hoping the woolly goodness will make him feel at least a teeny-tiny bit better… It’s the One Row Handspun Scarf. I like how it’s coming along, I think he’ll like it.

The second project I’m really excited about. This one is for ME! It’s an icelandic vest, which I’m knitting in Lopi yarn. The yarn is yummy and I’m really excited to get started on the colour part. But, it’s knit bottom-up, so it’ll be a little while until I can get there. I only started last night, so there’s not much to it yet. The main colour is a dark green and I’ll also be using a light green, a dark red and a natural colour for the colourwork. The pattern is Létt Lopi Vest and I’m using the suggested Létt Lopi Icelandic yarn.

Ederra Shawlette/Mittens Set is Up for Testing

18 Oct

I’m glad to announce that the Ederra set is now ready to be tested. Which means that the patterns should be available in about 10 days or so. Stay tuned…

First Ederra Mitten is Finished

12 Oct

I decided to make them really close fitting mittens as I really like how it looks and feels on the hand. Here are some pictures of the completed mitten

Fingerless Mitts Have Become Mittens

11 Oct

I was planning to do fingerless mitts to match my Ederra shawlette but changed my mind as I was knitting them and went for mittens instead. It just seemed like a better solution. I’m almost done knitting the first mitten, I only have the thumb left to do. I’m still unsure how exactly the thumb will be. A lot of my designing ends up being improvised as I go…

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