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Time to Start on Your Holiday Knitting!

15 Oct

I Know it might sound early, but the Holidays will be here before you know it! No need to panick just yet, but it’s probably time to get started if you haven’t yet.

I have just started myself, I won’t share what I have done or what I am working on as I want to keep it a surprise for the recipients, but I’m getting organised.

If you are short of ideas or are looking for some quick things to knit, here are some of my designs that you could use:

The Snowflake Cup Cozy is a very quick knit, perfect for the last minute or if you are short of time


The Toastie Slippers are also very fast to knit and perfect for the winter

Grow With Me Beanie will fit any child’s head, very practical if you want to knit for a child but are not sure of what size s/he needs

Or, if you are knitting for a child, you could always knit a toy, such as Fridolin the Bunny

From experience, I can say that knitted socks are usually very popular, why not try my Blois Socks?

Shawls are also favourites for elderly women relatives, I’m partial to Mela, embrace the asymmetry! The advantage of this one is that you can use any yarn and any gauge so it’s great to use stash yarn.

These are only a few ideas, there are many more things that you can knit for holiday presents, I hope it got you thinking 🙂


A Few More Owls

20 Jun

Here are a few more versions of Bubo I knit before knitting the final versions for the Petite Purl Edition…

My prototype, Bubo the First

Bubo the Second made for a friend’s little girl

Bubo the Third, my pillow sized prototype

And, last but not least, Bubo the Tiny, a key-ring version I made for myself

Bubo the Owl

12 Jun

The Summer 2011 Edition of Petite Purls is now online and I’m excited to announce that I have a pattern published in it, Bubo the Owl.

When I designed Bubo, I really wanted a cuddly, friendly and funny looking owl, rather than a realistic one. For me, the most striking features of an owl are its eyes, so I focused on big, googly eyes and just added some shaping to suggest the animal. Children can use their imagination to “fill the gaps”.

Bubo has a dual personality; Bubo the Great, a big pillow ideal to cuddle with, and Bubo the Small, perfect for playtime.

Picture by Brandy Fortune

Ravelry pattern page, where you can see other versions:

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