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Pictures of Loki Baby Set

22 Feb

It’s now blocked and, here is what it looks like:

I’m working on the sizing and will write the pattern shortly.


Introducing Loki Baby Set

12 Feb

I have finished the hat to match my baby vest and decided that that would be it for the set: a vest and a hat. I am naming it Loki, after one of my friend’s baby boy born last September.

Here are the first pictures, it still needs blocking, but it should give you a good idea. I now need to work on sizing and pattern writing before getting it tested.

This version is size 3 months

Hat to Match the Vest

10 Feb

A little preview, still in progress…

The Vest is Ready, but…

7 Feb

OK, now that I have finished the vest, I realise that I would like to do the hat differently and the booties possibly too. Or, maybe I will have socks instead of booties. The different possibilities are dancing in my mind and I’m just not sure right now. I will get working on a different hat pattern right now and will decide once it’s done whether it is booties or socks.

Here’s the vest finished, although it is still unblocked.

Getting There…

6 Feb

Another update on the baby vest 🙂
It’s going along as planned so far…

Vest Preview

5 Feb

A sneak preview at my new baby vest pattern. I started knitting today. I think it’s turning well…

And we Have a Hat

4 Feb

The baby set’s hat is just finished, I can now get working on the vest. I decided that the vest would be in a plain colour matching the booties and hat as I think it would be a bit too much to have three pieces in this same yarn.

Here are a few pics, I don’t have a baby at hand for modeling, so this baby does a lot of the modeling around here!

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