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Look At My New Scarf!

30 Nov

Isn’t it super pretty?

It is a traveling scarf, done by the lovely ladies in the Scarf Journeys group on Ravelry. Unfortunately, I had to bow out of this scarf journey because of health issues, but the members taking part were super kind and finished my scarf anyway. I’m so happy, it’s beautiful and so warm.


Another Spaceman Nicolino for Nicolas

26 Nov

Last year, I gave the prototype I knit for my Spaceman Nicolino to Nicolas, who gave his name to this pattern. He was a newborn then. His mum liked it so much that she asked if I could knit him one for this winter as the first one is way too small now. So, here it is, modeled by my 6-year old (hopefully it won’t be too big for Nicolas).

Scarf & Mitts Set

24 Nov

I finished this set recently for a present. Two garter stitch-based patterns which go well together.

The scarf is “My Garter Slipped Scarf” and the fingerless mitts are the “Garter Stitch Mitts”.

The yarn is Melinda by Woll Butt.

A New Look

23 Nov

Corinne’s Knits is getting a new, funky look! I’m starting with this blog and will also be updating my patterns.

Here is what the old look was like:

I’d love to hear your opinion on this! 😀

The Shawl Collection

22 Nov

I decided to sell 4 of my shawl patterns as a set, The Shawl Collection. It is composed of the Ederra Shawlette, the Sunkissed Shawl, Twirly Wrap and the Agate Capelet.

The set costs $10.00

Alpsee In Use

19 Nov

A little while ago I posted about some beautiful new Tausendschön Sock Yarn I’d just got. Well, I just found some use for the Alpsee colour! Unfortunately I can’t share pictures as I’m knitting socks that I tested for a fellow designer a while back. These socks are due for publication and no pictures can be shared before they are published. Instead, you get a glimpse at the ball of yarn 😉

Look At What Just Arrived!

16 Nov

Now, what to do with it… 😉

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