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A Girly Baby Set

18 Dec

I just finished knitting a baby set for the upcoming birth of a friend’s baby girl. I was originally going to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket only, but I had quite a bit of leftover yarn. So, I first knit a pair of Becky’s Baby Booties. I still had quite a bit left and knit a Brick Hat with it. I had to play around with the colour arrangement as I didn’t have enough of the natural colour left.

Here are some pictures, the jacket is still missing buttons, I ordered some super cute buttons, but they have not arrived yet. The hat is too big on the doll model though…


Finished a Birth Present Set

21 Jun

And, to keep working on my crochet skill, I crocheted it all, in Bernat Baby Jacquards, “I’m a Big Boy” colourway.

I made a hat, a pair of booties, a blanket and a little kitty. All of it going to my friend Lisa for her baby boy who should be born in about two weeks.

Pictures of Loki Baby Set

22 Feb

It’s now blocked and, here is what it looks like:

I’m working on the sizing and will write the pattern shortly.

Introducing Loki Baby Set

12 Feb

I have finished the hat to match my baby vest and decided that that would be it for the set: a vest and a hat. I am naming it Loki, after one of my friend’s baby boy born last September.

Here are the first pictures, it still needs blocking, but it should give you a good idea. I now need to work on sizing and pattern writing before getting it tested.

This version is size 3 months

Hat to Match the Vest

10 Feb

A little preview, still in progress…

And we Have a Hat

4 Feb

The baby set’s hat is just finished, I can now get working on the vest. I decided that the vest would be in a plain colour matching the booties and hat as I think it would be a bit too much to have three pieces in this same yarn.

Here are a few pics, I don’t have a baby at hand for modeling, so this baby does a lot of the modeling around here!

Working on the Hat of my New Baby Set

1 Feb

I have started the hat that will go with the baby booties I posted about a couple of days ago. It is made in the same sock yarn. I really love working with this yarn, it has bamboo in it and is so soft and pleasant to work with.

The completed set will also have a little vest. Stay tuned…

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