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New Sock Yarn

30 Sep

Once more I indulged in my sock yarn obsession! 😉
I just received two beautiful skeins of Tausendschön sock yarn, the blue-green shade is “Alpsee” and the brown-pinkish one “Kirsch-Praline”. They are gorgeous! Now, to find what to do with them…
These skeins are part of the “Unikat des Monats” Abo. This is a subscription for the month’s unique colour.


I’m Back!

13 Sep

OK, I have been back home for a little while, but life has been hectic, there is no other word, and knitting/designing have been put on the back burner for a while…

I’m working at a design (socks) at the moment, but I have submitted it for publication, so I won’t be able to share just yet, in case it is accepted.

Otherwise, we just got a puppy and that has kept us all pretty busy!
So, instead of knitting, I’ll share some pictures of our new family member, Pepe, a Spanish Hound mix. Here he is:

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